Chiropractic Care For Kids

One of the many questions asked by parents is if chiropractic care is safe for children. The answer is “YES” chiropractic services are very safe for children and can help prevent issues later in life. By maintaining proper alignment of the spine, we can establish a strong foundation for continued nervous system function. Regardless of the child’s level of activity, it is essential for their overall health to have their spine checked regularly and kept in alignment. Pediatric back pain is far more relevant than it was a decade ago which is why chiropractic care for kids is needed now more than ever.

Health Concerns

Backpacks: The majority of children use some form of bag throughout their school day. The weight of these bags carrying a full day of textbooks can put a tremendous amount of strain on the spine causing some children to experience back pain. With a chiropractic care plan, we can improve poor posture which can reduce back pain as well as improve the overall health and function of the bodies nervous system.

Ear Infections: Chiropractic adjustments create a positive, self-sustaining correction to the Eustachian tube allowing for proper fluid drainage. Without bringing along any of the side effects or risks caused by exposure to antibiotics it makes sense why chiropractic care is an excellent solution for children.

Bedwetting: Although bedwetting can be multi-factorial in the cause, chiropractic care has shown to help with some cases of bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis. Choosing a chiropractor who specializes in specific neurological-based techniques will show better results than one who only specializes in physical therapy and modalities.

Asthma:  It has been shown that vertical subluxation can irritate the somatic and autonomic nerves which control the respiratory function. Chiropractic adjustments provide essential improvements to breathing function. Poor spinal alignment causing poor biomechanics of the chest wall and bronchial airway can easily be linked to increased risk for asthma attacks.

Subluxations and Trauma

Pressure on the nervous system is known as vertebral subluxation. The result of neurological trauma, vertebral subluxation can have an adverse effect on almost every tissue of the body. These effects can be a factor in the development of many common childhood health conditions.

For better, faster, natural results, and drug-free care choose Dr. Trevor Adams with Vertical Chiropractic in Fort Worth, Texas. Address the root cause of your health issues at the source and create a care plan that is best for your situation.



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